Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Crochet Lace

Enjoyed making this crochet lace. Spent 2 days to make a lace long enough to stitch as sleeves for a dress. But on completion, realized the colour, look & feel may not blend well with the dress.

So this lace is waiting in my Lace Collection (Box) waiting to be used; just like 2 other laces, which were started out to be Crochet Tops. Only to realize that Thread Crochet is a lot of work :( but I must say it's interesting as well.

Well, Another Chickoo Pic

This one has a different pattern. Most other Chickoo slices look like they have a Spider on them.

Long Time, No See!

Finally blogging after a long gap. Well, this post is not about something, but it's about just some random thoughts:

  • So many things look such a waste of time after they are completed. Looking for meaning in what I do, which I often don't find/see.
  • Interests change with time. Sometimes I wonder how I have not been embroidering for 3 yrs now; something I was crazy about. Then was an avid crocheter. Then a long break from crochet.
  • Things change - like my internet speed - probably this is what took away the fun from blogging.
Well, out of thoughts now :)


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