Monday, November 30, 2009

Dried Mushrooms on the Trunk of a Dried Tree

Snaps taken while trekking to Kavala Caves in Dandeli on the occasion of Mahashivratri on February 23rd, 2009, a Monday. That was our first family trekking event.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My First Crochet Project

This one's my favorite pattern in crochet and the first one I tried working on. Thanks to Vrinda aunty (my sister's friend's mom) for sharing her collection of patterns. I find myself really lucky to have met aunty & granny, who are so passionate about embroidery, crochet, knitting and all such stuff.

Needle Lace Sampler

Enjoyed making this Needle Lace sampler - a collection of various stitch samples that can be used to make lacy fabric. Lace, tape or sturdy threads have to be basted on a fabric, so that we can hold the work taut in an embroidery hoop. Then stitches are worked to form the lace.

Once the lace is done, the basting threads are removed and the lace is stitched on a dress, as desired.

Needle Lace Sampler

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tulsi Pooja Rangoli

On Tulsi Pooja Day, Deepa, Nirupa & I colored it together. It was getting pretty late in the evening.

The Rangoli before adding color

Blue & Pink look so different in this pic -

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Diwali Rangoli

Usually, I'd make rangoli's of about 5 feet or bigger. But this time, I wasn't intending to be drawing one. Take a look at my last minute rangoli. What I like about this one is that it starts +'s instead of the usual dots...

 The rangoli starts with an array of +'s

The first set of joins, like a Z

The 2nd set of joins

The final rangoli, sans color

The first color. If you observe, unlike traditional rangoli's, here the colors are not symmetrical

The 2nd color

The 3rd color

The 4th color

Icecream Clouds :)

As a little kid, I thought ice-cream was a piece of the clouds :)


Wondering what I am gonna say about Fish. Just read a book called 'Fish' by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul & John Christensen.

Most of us spend nearly half our waking hours at workplace and so working ought to be fun; if it's not, it needs to be made fun. Fish has 4 basic principles that can make working fun:
  1. Choose your Attitude:
    When you enter the workplace everyday, you don't just get yourself but also your attitude along.

    "There's always a choice about the way you do your work,
    even if there is not a choice about the work itself."

  2. Play:
    How do you make work fun? Playing is fun. Make work play. Every game has rules, so does work have. This needs more thought on how actual work can be made play.

  3. Make their Day:
    Look beyond working for yourself. Even small gestures can make someone's day. Lookout for how you can help someone. When you enjoy your work; you do it extremely well. Work well done, makes the one in charge or the one who needs it happy.

  4. Be Present:
    Time just flies by. One needs to be in the present, at least for most part of one's day to make the most of it. You can give your work your best, only if you are in the present and focused on the work at hand.


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